The Genomics Core Facility has launched the single-cell analysis service using the 10x Genomics Chromium platform and the BD Rhapsody system enabling Single Cell Sequencing and sequencing of Artificial Long Reads.
The equipment allows processing of thousands of single cells for downstream genomic applications. DNA and RNA from each single cell can be barcoded and further investigated using high-throughput sequencing.
Applications established for service:
  • 3’ RNA sequencing: quantitative whole transcriptome 3’-end analysis using the Chromium and gene panel (up to 500 genes) analysis using the Rhapsody system
  • 5’ RNA sequencing: quantitative whole transcriptome analysis also enabling analysis of transcripts isoforms using different transcription start sites (ChromiumTM
  • V(D)J sequencing: sequencing of the full V(D)J region for quantitative  -cell and B-cell characterization (Chromium & Rhapsody)
  • Single Cell ATAC (Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin): allows the investigation  of the regulatory landscape of the genome. The chromatin profiling of tens of thousands of single cells in parallel allows researchers to see how chromatin compaction and DNA-binding proteins regulate gene expression at high-resolution Chromium
  • Artificial Long-Read sequencing: Whole-genome and exome sequencing combined with linked-reads provides structural and haplotype information from single long molecules of the genome using short-read sequencing (low input required, >1 ng high molecular weight DNA)

Additional applications will come soon: Single nuclei RNA-Seq and Spatial gene expression.

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Aug 6, 2019

The Genomic Core Facility and NanoString invite you to a seminar showcasing the NanoString services now being offered at OUH.

May 28, 2019

The Genomcis Core Facility will not be accepting new sample submissions over the summer break. Deadline for submission is 3 PM on Friday 5th of July. We will reopen again from Monday 5th of August. The sequencing of existing projects will continue, although turnaround times may be longer than usual.

We wish all our users a good summer

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