The Genomics Core Facility provides services using the NanoString nCounter technology to study gene and protein expression. NanoString provides a unique way to quickly analyze several hundred distinct targets simultaneously using digital barcoded counting.



Advantages of NanoString assays

  • Multiplex up to 800 distinct genes

  • Directly detect RNA for accurate quantitation

  • Work with old or poor-quality samples, such as FFPE tissue

  • Work with low-abundance samples such as cfDNA from liquid biopsies

  • Can utilize pre-designed panels of 770 genes (these panels can be customized with an additional 30 genes). Explore the many panels under the areas bellow




Jan 2, 2024

The Genomics Core Facility at Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo is now a Core Lab for nCounter and GeoMx technologies. 

Nov 1, 2023

GCF collaborates with Oxford Nanopore Technologies to evaluate single-cell full transcriptome sequencing by combining 10x Genomics Chromium single-cell technology and Oxford Nanopore PromethION sequencing. 

Contact Information:

Daily Leader Core Facility
Susanne Lorenz, PhD

Head of Core Facility
Leonardo A. Meza-Zepeda, Dr. philos.

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Visiting address:

Genomics Core Facility (Room 3-F8-04)
Department of Core facilities
Institute for Cancer Research
New OCCI-building 
Norwegian Radium Hospital 
Ullernchaussen 66, Lamell 3, 2B 
NO-0379 Oslo, NORWAY

+47 - 9183 2772 Laboratory
+47 - 9183 3425 Office