High-throughput sequencing

  • HiSeq 4000 - Illumina's high capacity production high-throughput sequencer with two flow cells running at the same time or independently from each other. Can sequence 12 human whole-genome samples with >30x coverage in 3.5 days. Produces over 1500 Gb of sequence per run.
  • NextSeq500 - Illumina's medium throughout benchtop sequencer, capable of generating up to 120 Gb of sequence in a 29 hrs run This instrument is capable of sequencing from amplicon panels to one whole genome. 
  • MiSeq - The all-in-one personal sequencer from Illumina. Can sequence up to 2 x 250 bp in approx. 24 hours with an output of 7.5-8.5 Gb per run.
  • cBOT - cBot is an automated system that creates clonal clusters from single-molecule DNA templates, preparing them for sequencing by synthesis on the 
  • HiSeq 2500 - Illumina's high capacity high-throughput sequencer with two flow cells running at the same time or independently from each other. Can sequence 5 human whole-genome samples with >30x coverage in 10 days. Produces over 600 Gb of sequence per run.
  • SciClone NGS workstation - is an automated solution for high-throughput sequencing sample preparation including library prep, sequence capture, and normalization.
  • Agilent Bravo automated liquid handling system for high-throughput sequencing. It allows library preparation in 96 well formats.
  • Covaris E220evolution ultrasonicator - The E220evolution Focused-ultrasonicator is a versatile, high power system engineered for pre-analytical sample processing, such as DNA shearing to specific fragment lengths.
  • LabChipXT - The LabChip XT is an advanced nucleic acid size selection and collection fractionation system that performs automated nucleic acid fractionation where the resulting sample is tightly sized and is delivered in a sequencing compatible buffer.
  • 10x Chromium Controller - Allows a user to run any of our Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression, Single Cell Immune Profiling, Genome Sequencing, Exome Sequencing, and Single Cell CNV Solutions.
  • BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System - Allows profiling gene expression of thousands of single cells, with predesigned or customized assays flexible enough to meet any experimental need in an efficient system that reduces experimentation time and sequencing costs.


  • Illumina iScan - BeadArray high-precision scanner that supports an extensive range of array applications. The average scan time per sample (HumanHT-12 v.4 BeadChip) is 2 minutes, 24 minutes for one chip with 12 samples.
  • Illumina AutoLoader 2.x - The AutoLoader 2.x is a device that automatically loads and unloads BeadChip carriers onto an iScan Reader. 
  • Little Dipper - automated washing robot from SciGene optimised for use with Illumina Expression BeadChips.
  • Tecan liquid handling robot - used with the Illumina methylation and genotyping applications
  • Agilent High-Resolution C scanner - a versatile scanner not only for Agilent microarrays but also for glass microarrays from other providers that match the dimensions specified here. Can scan at from at 10-2 micron resolution.
  • Agilent Microarray hybridization oven - Hybridization Oven designed for optimal hybridization performance and ultimately, consistently reliable data.
  • Affymetrix GeneChip Scanner 3000 7G - The GeneChip® Scanner 3000 7G is an extension of the GeneChip® Scanner 3000 (GCS 3000) series that allows you to scan next-generation higher-density arrays, including SNP arrays with up to 900,000 SNPs, tiling arrays for transcription and all-exon arrays for whole-genome analysis.
  • Affymetrix GeneChip Fluidics Station 450 - used for the wash and stain operation of Affymetrix GeneChip® arrays. We have two Fluidic stations facilitating washing and staining eight GeneChips simultaneously.
  • Affymetrix GeneChip Hybridization Oven 645 - provides precise temperature and rotation control to ensure the successful hybridization of as many as 64 GeneChip®-brand cartridges at one time.


  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer - a microfluidics-based platform for sizing, quantification and quality control of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells.
  • Agilent TapeStation 2200 - Automated 96 well format RNA and RNA sample quality control.
  • NanoDrop 1000 - A micro-volume spectrophotometer with fast, direct, easy measurements of DNA, RNA (A260) and protein (A280) concentrations and sample purity (260/280 ratio).
  • Qubit Fluorometer - We have an earlier version of the Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer for quantification of DNA, RNA, and protein.
  • AriaMx Real-time PCR - Real-time PCR System is a fully integrated quantitative PCR amplification, detection, and data analysis system.
  • 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System - A real-time quantitative PCR system from Applied Biosystems/ Life Technologies





Jun 1, 2024

The Genomics Core Facility will not accept new sample submissions over the summer break. The deadline for submission is noon on Friday, July 5th. We will reopen on Tuesday, July 30th. The sequencing of existing projects will continue, although turnaround times may be longer than usual.

We wish all our users a good summer

May 23, 2024

The First Visium HD service was performed this week. High demand for this new technology to study spatial biology at single–cell–scale resolution.

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