In collaboration with Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), University of Bergen (UiB), Norwegian Sequencing Center (NSC) and the Bioinformatics Core Facility, we offer introductory and hands-on analysis courses related to high-throughput sequencing and microarray technology and data analysis.

Introduction to high-throughput genomics
A two-day introductory course to the field of high-troughput genomics including high-throughput sequencing and microarray technology. The course is mostly theoretical, introducing users to different technologies ans application and  hands-on exercise on experimental design. The course does not cover data analysis. The course is given once every semester, with the location alternating between Oslo and Bergen.
J-Express analysis course
A 3-day introductory course for statistical analysis of gene expression using  J-Express. The course builds on the "Introduction to high-throughput genomics course", and knowledge about the microarray technology is expected. The course is focused on practical exercises, where pre-processing and normalization of expression data, as well as idenitfication of differenatially expressed genes and ontologies will be taught . The course is usually given once every semester, with locations alternating between Oslo and Bergen.
High-throughput sequencing technologies and bioinformatics analysis
The course is based on the contents of the previous courses entitled "Next-generation sequencing hands-on course", "Variant calling using High Through-put sequencing data" and "De novo genome assembly" courses. The content of the course has been further extended and updated. Hands-on exercises with real data will be a substantial part of the course. This course is given by the Genomics Core Facility in collaboration with the Oslo node of the FUGE Bioinformatics platform (Bioinformatics Core Facility) and the Norwegian Sequencing Centre.

Dates for future courses will be posted here when available.




Jan 18, 2018

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Feb 24, 2016

The HiSeq 4000 build upon the existing HiSeq 2500 platform using the new HiSeq X patterned flow cell technology, providing unparalleled speed and performance. The dual-flow cell HiSeq 4000 System delivers the highest throughput and lowest price per sample across multiple applications. The new sequencer will provide users will faster turnaround time (run time is 3 days compared to 6-11 days in HiSeq 2500) and higher quality, more data per run and longer reads (150 bp paired-end).

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