A list of the most resent publications where the Genomics Core Facility has contributed with services is presented (partial list, due to the difficulty of identifying publications using results generated by our services)

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Sep 15, 2018

The Genomics Core Facility has recently installed a NanoString nCounter system. The nCounter utilizes a novel digital barcode technology for direct multiplexed measurement of analytes and offers high levels of precision and sensitivity. This technology allows the analysis of expression of up to 800 mRNAs, miRNAs, DNA regions, or proteins simultaneously, using predesigned assays, as well as custom solutions. 

May 5, 2018
The Genomics Core Facility has recently acquired new instrumentation, the ChromiumTM(10X Genomics) and RhapsodyTM(BD Genomics) enabling Single Cell Sequencing and sequencing of Artificial Long Reads.

Contact Information:


Unit Leader Core Facility
Susanne Lorenz, PhD


Head of Core Facility
Leonardo A. Meza-Zepeda, Dr. philos.


Visiting address:

Genomics Core Facility (Room 3-F8-04)
Department of Core facilities
Institute for Cancer Research
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